Friday, August 3, 2012

Prince of Wolves Review

       Ahhh. Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis. There are so many things that I can say about this book but I think this pretty much sums it up: 

        Jacquelyn had no idea that spying on her neighbors' new exchange student was going to change her life forever. The moment their eyes meet, she feels this unexplainable pull to him. However, Fane knew right away how she was going to change his life.  He was a werewolf and they were destined to be mates for life. Before Fane can even get to know Jacque and let her grasp the concept of werewolves, Fane is challenged by the Alpha of the local pack. The local Alpha, Lucas, is convinced that he has claimed Jacque for his own mate. Fane has no choice but to meet his challenge in order to spend the rest of his life with his new found love. 

- Good gracious, can I list THE ENTIRE BOOK under my good list?? I know I can't but hey, it was worth a shot. 
- The writing was hilarious! I loved the characters so much and I felt so close to them! Not gonna lie, I think I'd be the Jen in the group. 
- I loved that Jacque has such amazing friends. I feel like a lot of protagonists don't have close friends or end up pushing them away. I think it was refreshing to see a strong and supportive friendship. 
- Somehow I didn't feel like killing Fane for being so possessive. I usually cannot stand controlling and possessive men in books (*cough* Edward Cullen *cough* Christian Grey *cough*). However, Fane's sense of possessiveness was so endearing. He knew he couldn't help it and explains this to Jacque. 
- Jacque and Fane can actually have a godforsaken conversation with one another! They can have a conversation without fighting or just giving in to their hormones. Thank goodness. If I have to read about a girl who cannot get her hormones in check around a guy again I might scream. 

Honestly? I can't think of anything to put on this list. Not. One. Thing. 

      Upon finishing this book my heart was full of fuzzies and I was grinning like an idiot. This is probably the highest compliment I can pay to a book. It made my heart so happy!! As you all can probably tell, I love book characters like they're real people and I freaking love Fane and Jacque's story. Love love love! So (as if you couldn't tell, I give this book 5 stars for making me feel like this when I finished: 

Now, what are you waiting for? GO READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW! 

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