Friday, August 17, 2012

Onyx Review

Let me just begin by saying that I have been freaking out waiting for Onyx by Jennifer Armentrout to come out. Immediately after finishing Obsidian, I marked down the release date for Onyx in my calendar so I could sit around and fangirl for months. This book picks up where the last one left off. Katy has found herself bound to Daemon after their epic battle with the Arum. Daemon has decided that their bond just reiterates the fact that they should be together. Katy is in total denial of her feelings for Daemon and thinks that he just wants to be with her because of their bond. She is convinced that she can ignore their red hot attraction to one another.
Soon, Katy and Daemon realize that the Department of Defense (DOD) is in town and they may be up to something devastating. To top off all of this craziness, Katy is sure that she saw someone that is supposed to be dead. Everything that Daemon and Katy thought about the DOD and their information about the Lux is now put into question.

- One of the ways that I judge my feelings towards characters is to determine if they would be someone I would hang out with. That being said, Katy is awesome! She makes mistakes, has her own interests, and doesn't want to be a damsel in distress. So basically, she's a real person. I hate when authors create that cookie cutter image for their main character. You want the main character of a book to be realistic! That means they may do things that annoy you from time to time but overall mean well. Oh, and she's a total book nerd and a blogger. How could you not love Katy?
- Daemon.. 
Good gracious. He is by far one of the most swoon worthy characters out there. He's as equally sexy as he is frustrating. Hell, I have no idea how Katy can control herself around him. If he told me he wanted to date me, I'd be like this in no time:
- The love story!! Okay, I have to agree with Katy on this one. I almost always hate insta-love stories. I only say "almost always" because Quinn Loftis changed my opinion on it with Prince of Wolves. Daemon and Katy don't have a perfect relationship. They disagree and get frustrated with each other.. which makes them more of a real couple to me. When they finally admit their feelings to each other it meant that much more to me because the author makes you want them together so badly! Ahhh when they both finally admit their feelings you can't help but feel like this because you know it's meant to be! 
- This story is so amazing to me. I love how much depth there is in this series! I mean, a lot of times authors use their second book as a filler for their third book. This was definitely not the case for this book. This sequel actually *gasp* added more to the story! I feel like this is so rare and I am so excited that it was done right! 
- The ending. 
Enough said. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book!! 

- There wasn't really much about this book that I disliked other than my frustrations for Katy and Daemon at some points in the book. I know it was totally unavoidable because that's just what their characters I like. It doesn't mean I have to like it though! 

This book gets 5 stars obviously. This series has quickly become one of my favorites. It's one of the books that make you laugh but has a gripping story to add to it. I had the dumbest grin on my face when I was reading about Katy and Daemon and I was freaking out when they were in danger. That's exactly how it should be with a great book! 


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