Thursday, August 23, 2012


I am so sorry for not posting in a while. I've been moving into a new house and the job at the preschool started up. Needless to say, things have been nuts lately. I'll post as soon as I get settled and I have Internet! So far, I'll be reviewing The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart and Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep. Hopefully I'll be able to post soon!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Onyx Review

Let me just begin by saying that I have been freaking out waiting for Onyx by Jennifer Armentrout to come out. Immediately after finishing Obsidian, I marked down the release date for Onyx in my calendar so I could sit around and fangirl for months. This book picks up where the last one left off. Katy has found herself bound to Daemon after their epic battle with the Arum. Daemon has decided that their bond just reiterates the fact that they should be together. Katy is in total denial of her feelings for Daemon and thinks that he just wants to be with her because of their bond. She is convinced that she can ignore their red hot attraction to one another.
Soon, Katy and Daemon realize that the Department of Defense (DOD) is in town and they may be up to something devastating. To top off all of this craziness, Katy is sure that she saw someone that is supposed to be dead. Everything that Daemon and Katy thought about the DOD and their information about the Lux is now put into question.

- One of the ways that I judge my feelings towards characters is to determine if they would be someone I would hang out with. That being said, Katy is awesome! She makes mistakes, has her own interests, and doesn't want to be a damsel in distress. So basically, she's a real person. I hate when authors create that cookie cutter image for their main character. You want the main character of a book to be realistic! That means they may do things that annoy you from time to time but overall mean well. Oh, and she's a total book nerd and a blogger. How could you not love Katy?
- Daemon.. 
Good gracious. He is by far one of the most swoon worthy characters out there. He's as equally sexy as he is frustrating. Hell, I have no idea how Katy can control herself around him. If he told me he wanted to date me, I'd be like this in no time:
- The love story!! Okay, I have to agree with Katy on this one. I almost always hate insta-love stories. I only say "almost always" because Quinn Loftis changed my opinion on it with Prince of Wolves. Daemon and Katy don't have a perfect relationship. They disagree and get frustrated with each other.. which makes them more of a real couple to me. When they finally admit their feelings to each other it meant that much more to me because the author makes you want them together so badly! Ahhh when they both finally admit their feelings you can't help but feel like this because you know it's meant to be! 
- This story is so amazing to me. I love how much depth there is in this series! I mean, a lot of times authors use their second book as a filler for their third book. This was definitely not the case for this book. This sequel actually *gasp* added more to the story! I feel like this is so rare and I am so excited that it was done right! 
- The ending. 
Enough said. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book!! 

- There wasn't really much about this book that I disliked other than my frustrations for Katy and Daemon at some points in the book. I know it was totally unavoidable because that's just what their characters I like. It doesn't mean I have to like it though! 

This book gets 5 stars obviously. This series has quickly become one of my favorites. It's one of the books that make you laugh but has a gripping story to add to it. I had the dumbest grin on my face when I was reading about Katy and Daemon and I was freaking out when they were in danger. That's exactly how it should be with a great book! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Transition Review

I received a free copy of Transition from the author in exchange for an honest review. For the past two months, Shelby has been having strange dreams about a mystery man. She knows it's ridiculous, but she feels attracted to him even though she has never met him. On a fateful weekend, Shelby meets Develon who happens to be the mystery man from her dreams. She has no idea how this can be until he explains to her that he is a Chimera and she is his sodalis. The Chimeras are an old race of beings who have the ability to transform into animals, extreme strength, speed, and communicate with one another telepathically. The Chimera's soul feel incomplete until they find their sodalis, which is their mate. With all of this new information, Shelby must figure out how she fits into this strange world.

- I liked the general idea of the Chimeras

I'm not gonna lie, that's the only thing I liked about this book. It was tough to get through.

- I felt like a lot of the book was rambling and it bored me to tears. I found myself skimming a lot of the book (which I never do.)
- Love/lust at first sight. I almost always hate this except Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis has shown me that it can be done well. However, this book is an example of how unbelievable it is. I didn't feel the connection between Shelby and Develon at all.
- This is a random pet peeve but I swear that the word "giggled" was used 100 times. It was driving me nuts! How much giggling can Shelby and her friend do in a span of two days!?
- The time span that was used in this book shows how drawn out this book was. I remember looking down at Hazel Grace and seeing that I was 40% done and it was still the second day? Nothing really even happened!
- I hated how everything was tied up in a nice little neat package at the end of the book. Those endings bother the hell out of me. I finished reading the book and my first thought was "That was it?!"

When I read the synopsis for this book I was really excited to read it. I think the general idea of the story was great but it just wasn't done well. I'm giving this book 1 star. I really wanted to like it, though.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just One Drop Review

As many of you know, I freaking love The Grey Wolves Series. I mean, I found myself ranting and raving about this series at a bar last night. If that doesn't scream uber nerd, I don't know what does. Anyways, when my friend told me that the third installment of this series focuses on Jen and Decebel's frustrating yet smokin hot relationship, I basically did this:
because Jen is my favorite character and Decebel is tall, dark, and moody as hell. Just One Drop begins pretty much where the last book left off. The girls are living with the pack in Romania and are causing as little trouble as possible (yeah right). The Alphas of different packs had decided to being back an old tradition called The Gathering where unmated males and females come together in hopes of finding their mate. This would be all fine and dandy if it weren't for the fact that Decebel's wolf has claimed Jen as his mate but they have yet to show the actual signs. This is a dangerous situation for everyone because if any male so much as looks at Jen, Decebel unleashes a wrath like none other. All of this frustration (sexual or otherwise) mixed with some funny cheers, strip poker, and an attempt on an Alpha's life make for an entertaining story. 

- This series makes me fangirl. Seriously. I love that it does not really focus on one character and it jumps around. I like that we are able to get to know the different members of the pack. 
- I liked that this story didn't stay focused on Jacque and Fane. Don't get me wrong. I adoooore Fane and Jacque's love story but I didn't want it to go downhill with a bunch of unnecessary drama. 
- Decebel is so swoon worthy. Who doesn't like a sexy piece of man (erm.. wolf?) meat who can kick anyone's ass at the drop of a dime? And come on.. his love for his sister? A-freaking-dorable. 
- I loved the other members of the pack! Well, not all of them but that's another story. 

- I can't think of anything that I would put on my Bad list except THE GODFORSAKEN ENDING!!!! 
Right after I finished this book, I picked up my phone and texted my friend and proceeded to flip the eff out. How can a book just end like that?!?! What kind of awful mind torture is this, Quinn Loftis?!

Needless to say, I give this book 5 fantabulous stars because this series has my heart. I love the characters, I love the stories, and I love the humor. Now, please excuse me as I go freak out a little more about the ending. I have to mentally prepare myself before I can even start the next one.. 

Beyond the Eyes Review

I received a free copy of Beyond the Eyes from the author in exchange for an honest review. Paige has come to the realization that she is facing a huge problem. She is hearing ominous voices that no one else can hear. She loves her friends but knows that she can't tell them what is going on without sounding crazy. She keeps this information to herself until she meets Nathan Caswell. She feels an instant connection to him and soon finds out that he tracks dark spirits, who have recently decided to target Paige. Paige has to dig into the painful memories of her father's death in order to appease these dark spirits.. or figure out how to beat them.

- I liked Paige's friends. Although she couldn't tell them about hearing voices, they obviously have had a long history together. They seem determined to keep their friendship strong.
- I liked the whole paranormal world that this story focuses on. It isn't something that is super overdone.
- Paige's father's story was interesting. I liked how it tied in to the present story.

- I think my biggest pet peeve in this story was Paige herself. She cried (and puked/felt nauseous) a lot. I wanted to reach in to the story and tell her to get a grip!
- I didn't like how Paige and Nathan's relationship played out. I mean, she went on one date and then "broke up" with him? It all seemed way too rushed. I didn't feel any butterflies or giddiness when I thought about their love story.

Overall I give this book 2 stars because it really was just okay for me. I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. I think I would have liked it more if I didn't dislike Paige so much. Her character really irritated me. She was waaay emotional and the love story wasn't believable to me. Sometimes it just boils down to whether or not you like the main character and I just couldn't connect with her.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Biting Cold Review

     I've been waiting for Biting Cold by Chloe Neill to come out for months! I have become sooo obsessed with the Chicagoland Vampire series it isn't even funny. So naturally, when the 6th installment came out on Tuesday, I had to auto-delivered to Hazel Grace so I could start reading as soon as possible. This book picks up where the last book, Drink Deep, left off. Merit has been reunited with her previously deceased house master, Ethan. They are out to stop her best friend from getting to a book that holds dark magic. Along the way, they encounter Seth Tate, the former mayor of Chicago, who is bound and determined to get the book for his own purposes. Merit must to everything in her power to keep evil powers form unleashing on her beloved city (and quite possibly the world).

- Merit is by far one of my most favorite characters ever! She's strong, smart, and stubborn as hell. Also, she is never too proud to ask for help when she needs it. This is something that I love because there are a lot of books that I read where I'm sitting here thinking "why don't they just ask someone for help!?"
- Merit is hilarious. I mean.. come on.
"I had no idea what Tate was capable of, or even what he really was. Well, other than an asshat."
Using the word "asshat" alone makes me want to be friends with her.
- "'Ethan!' I screamed out, equal parts horrified that he'd just punched someone in the face... and proud he'd done it. Ethan punched him." 
Umm, helloooo! How could this not get on my Good list?! I was so proud!
- Thank you, Merit, for not being a spineless, whiney, twat when you are having relationship problems. She sucks it up and does her job regardless of what is going on in her social life. Not to mention, she puts Ethan in his place more than one time. Thank you for standing up for yourself!!

- I really want Merit and Mallory to be friends again. I hope that there is more of a focus on their friendship in the next book.
- I missed the Shifters. I thought that they would have a bigger role in this book.
- I felt like there was sooo much going on with Mallory, Tate, the House, and the city. It was almost overwhelming.
- Ethan frustrates the hell out of me!! Ugh.

       I'm giving this book 4 stars. I love that the book can have a love story that is separate from the main storyline. It's almost like it has two story lines. The sups problems and the love story. I'm okay with that. Chloe Neill definitely did not disappoint with this book!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Yay friends!

My friend Ben and I were talking about doing a joint review for a book. Any ideas on what book you'd like to see reviewed? Fair warning, the review will be snarky, sarcastic, and effing hilarious. :) Let me know if you have any suggestions!