Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Biting Cold Review

     I've been waiting for Biting Cold by Chloe Neill to come out for months! I have become sooo obsessed with the Chicagoland Vampire series it isn't even funny. So naturally, when the 6th installment came out on Tuesday, I had to auto-delivered to Hazel Grace so I could start reading as soon as possible. This book picks up where the last book, Drink Deep, left off. Merit has been reunited with her previously deceased house master, Ethan. They are out to stop her best friend from getting to a book that holds dark magic. Along the way, they encounter Seth Tate, the former mayor of Chicago, who is bound and determined to get the book for his own purposes. Merit must to everything in her power to keep evil powers form unleashing on her beloved city (and quite possibly the world).

- Merit is by far one of my most favorite characters ever! She's strong, smart, and stubborn as hell. Also, she is never too proud to ask for help when she needs it. This is something that I love because there are a lot of books that I read where I'm sitting here thinking "why don't they just ask someone for help!?"
- Merit is hilarious. I mean.. come on.
"I had no idea what Tate was capable of, or even what he really was. Well, other than an asshat."
Using the word "asshat" alone makes me want to be friends with her.
- "'Ethan!' I screamed out, equal parts horrified that he'd just punched someone in the face... and proud he'd done it. Ethan punched him." 
Umm, helloooo! How could this not get on my Good list?! I was so proud!
- Thank you, Merit, for not being a spineless, whiney, twat when you are having relationship problems. She sucks it up and does her job regardless of what is going on in her social life. Not to mention, she puts Ethan in his place more than one time. Thank you for standing up for yourself!!

- I really want Merit and Mallory to be friends again. I hope that there is more of a focus on their friendship in the next book.
- I missed the Shifters. I thought that they would have a bigger role in this book.
- I felt like there was sooo much going on with Mallory, Tate, the House, and the city. It was almost overwhelming.
- Ethan frustrates the hell out of me!! Ugh.

       I'm giving this book 4 stars. I love that the book can have a love story that is separate from the main storyline. It's almost like it has two story lines. The sups problems and the love story. I'm okay with that. Chloe Neill definitely did not disappoint with this book!

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