Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dark Dates Review

I was sent a copy of Dark Dates from the author, Tracey Sinclair, and that was extremely nice of her. Dark Dates was a relatively fun read. The protagonist, Cassandra, runs a dating service for vampires. All is going well with her business until vampires are being murdered and her clients are many of the victims. On top of the murders, someone seems to be targeting her as well. There are quirky friends and a love interest or two?? that help her solve this mystery. Overall, I enjoyed this book. However, there were some things that really irritated me.

- Cassandra’s sarcastic comments were hilarious!
 - She actually has a friend that she can talk to instead of revolving her life around a guy.
 - Vampires can be good or bad just like there are good and bad people.

- Cassandra needs to get her hormones in check. I mean, I don’t care how sexy a guy is; If I’m mad at you I’m not going to let sex distract me from how much of a dick you were being earlier.
 - Addressing the reader. I know some authors like this tactic but I think it happened a little too much. When I read, I want to loose myself in the book. When the protagonist addresses the reader, it pulls me out of the story.

I would rate this 3.5 stars because I am somewhere between liking it and really liking it. There were pros and cons but I didn’t find myself with that “I need to know what happens NOW!” feeling that I get with certain books. Anyways, I think this is definitely worth a read. The ending sets you up for a sequel and I look forward to it!

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