Sunday, July 29, 2012

Awkward Review

          Awkward by Marni Bates was a fun and light read. I sometimes find myself having to alternate between more intense and series books with lighter reads otherwise I'd be a nervous wreck. I worry about my characters too much sometimes. Mackenzie is used to flying under the radar and spending her time studying for her multiple AP classes. Usually, she rambles when she's nervous and finds herself in awkward situations. During one of her most embarrassing moments in public, some mystery person decided to record it and put it on YouTube. The video goes viral and she is suddenly thrown into the spotlight. Mackenzie has to find a way to deal with this new found attention from the media as well as her classmates.

- Mackenzie stays true to her friends. They stick by her throughout everything and she reciprocates.
- Her rambles were awkward and believable. I actually cringed a few times because of the weird things she would say to people. This made me feel like her character was more believable.
- There was some drama but it wasn't the typical 90s teen movie drama that I was expecting.

- I felt like the secondary characters could have been fleshed out a little more.
- The use of the terms "Notable" for the popular kids and the "Invisibles" for the unpopular kids. I think that was pretty juvenile and I really don't find it believable. Teenagers don't talk like that.. from what I can remember and from what my younger sister tells me anyways.

This book was super short and easy to read. I finished it in a few hours. I needed something that was light and not so serious and this was perfect for that. I give it a solid 3 stars because I liked it but I wouldn't read it again.

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